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Locus amoenus [ˈloːkʊs] [aˈmøːnʊs] – the perfect place.

Each production needs its individual and perfect places. It is our ultimate goal to find these places for you.
We offer a high-class portrayal of the location from presentation to service. With passion we attend to research and it’s adequate presentation. As a start we are specialized in the area of Hamburg and the northern Germany. If we don’t find a suitable location in this area, we surely scout national and international regarding your visions.
You can already find locations from other parts of Germany and the world in our archive. Please contact us!


Eintrag 03

Wir scouten fleißig und die Archiv Neuzugänge findet Ihr unter NEWS.

Eintrag 02

FF Shirts und Hoodies..kommt mal rum aufn Kaffee!

Kaufen könnt Ihr die hier 

Eintrag Inst.

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