With the Wattsun the possibilities for creators are endless. As portable energy in a camera van, on a filmset, for broadcasting and for live-streaming on the most unique locations. With a Wattsun Dock and a Pack (3000 Wh) you can provide enough power for, for example:

• 7,5 hours of light by ARRI Orbiter (400W)
• 2,5 hours of light by HMI ARRI M12
• 2 hours of full time smoke with hazer (1500W) • Safe data off-loading
• Up to 250 cups of coffee
• Charge up to 10 V-Locks (V290RM)

• 15 days of mobile WiFi spot

Up to 7800 Wh

The maximum capacity of a stack is 7800 Wh. The Dock has a capacity of 1400 Wh and a Pack has a capacity of 1600 Wh. Depending on the work, you can bring the desired amount of energy.

3500 Watt peak

With a peak power of 3500 Watt and a continuo- us power of 1500 or 2000 Watt, the Wattsun is a powerful power supply for all your electrical gear.

230 volt

The Wattsun is equipped with a 230 volt socket and supplies a pure wave; which means even the most sensitive devices like laptops can be plugged in without any problem.

. For more information please visit https://www.wattsun.net/gebruikers/film-broadcasting